Smythe House

How We Work When we first meet you, we start our process of due diligence - "Know Your Client" - and will need to understand as much as possible about your financial position and future objectives.

If you are thinking of becoming a member of the Smythe House Wealth Management service, we will ask you to provide all of your key financial documents. Copies of these will be stored confidentially in hardcopy form and electronically on our secure on-line filing cabinet which members can access securely through the Members Area on our website. This means you will always have secure access to all your important financial information wherever you are.

Based on the information we have, we are then able to determine whether we can classify you as a professional client and start creating your personalised integrated financial plan designed to meet your specific financial objectives.

This will be supported by your own Asset & Liability Statement which gives you an up-to-date picture of your overall financial position and can be accessed securely at any time through the Members Area.

Whilst we will aim to communicate regularly, we will organise formal financial reviews with you on a quarterly basis. Your Asset & Liability Statement will be updated prior to each quarterly review and we will assess how well your financial plan is performing against your objectives and advise you on whether any changes to your plan need to be made.

We will also provide you details of investment opportunities which are suitable for you and we will arrange to meet you to discuss these in detail. A summary of the opportunities which we have introduced to our members and which are currently still open is listed for members in the Members Area.