Smythe House

Smythe House Property was created in response to demand from members to bring opportunities to increase their exposure to the property market.

Smythe House Property brings three key opportunities to our members.

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    An investment property advisory service

    For our members who are looking to acquire their own investment property, we provide an investment property advisory and support service from property identification through to completion, including renovation management and first let.

    Through our network of relationships with property developers, we can introduce members to developers with specific expertise in the type of investment property they wish to acquire in the area they are considering. We are also able to recommend and introduce the most suitable mortgage provider and legal and tax advisers.

    Throughout the whole process, Smythe House Property is available to advise and support our members to achieve their property investment objectives. In particular, we will act as "process managers" for our members to reduce the stress-load and time-burden involved in acquiring an investment property.

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    Collective property investment solutions

    Many members either do not have the capacity or the appetite to take on the risk of a single investment property. Smythe House Property has developed solutions to allow members to come together to share this risk by investing together.

    Smythe House Property assists members in structuring collective investment vehicles, identifying and acquiring the investment property and administering it on an on-going basis.

    Members also often find investment property opportunities themselves but are financially constrained to take advantage of them. Smythe House Property is able to take member-led opportunities and find potential co-investors from our membership.

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    Property lending opportunities

    Attractive risk-return opportunities are available to clients through lending directly to commercial and residential property transactions or through investment in property lending funds.

    Through our network, Smythe House Property is able to source and introduce these lending opportunities to our members. We are experienced in understanding and diligencing these deals and will only introduce lending opportunities with the appropriate security backing.