Smythe House

Smythe House Capital, led by Richard Walker, provides our own in-house capability to structure proprietary investment opportunities specifically matched to our members' risk-return preferences.

Richard's background in senior positions at various leading investment banks bring unique experience and expertise to our membership:

  • 1

    We have the in-house capability to source and structure private debt and equity opportunities specifically designed to meet our members' appetite for risk.

  • The current environment means that every traditional source of private company finance has become scarce where small but established private companies struggle to raise finance to develop and add value to their businesses.

  • We see these opportunities regularly and are able to apply investment banking techniques to diligence, understand and price the risk of a possible opportunity for our members.

  • Where a possible fund raising opportunity meets our due diligence and valuation requirements, as a general guide, we are able to raise:

  • A

    Private company debt (principally including secured debt, convertible debt and mezzanine finance) of between £1.0 million and £3.0 million; and

  • B

    Private company equity of between £100,000 and £500,000.

  • 2

    For our members who are board directors, business owners and entrepreneurs, we provide a strategic advisory, corporate finance and business acceleration service as part of our service through Smythe House Wealth Management.

  • Where members wish to pursue an opportunity further, we provide advice on how to do so together with an introductory service to ensure our members are best advised.

  • 3

    Our club-style approach means that we regularly hear that a member or someone known to a member, has a business idea and is looking for capital. Smythe House Capital is able either through its network to introduce an appropriate source of capital to a member, or, to raise capital directly from our members.